Benthic Pictures is the independent filmmaking outfit of Lexia Snowe. Lexia is a screenwriter and director-in-progress, whose mission is to make smart, durable entertainment characterized by an inventive and passionately crafted script.

Lex is a screenwriter and filmmaker-in-progress in her mid-thirties. When she is not writing scripts, she is watching films, reading scripts, dismantling cameras, and talking about "soundscapes" with bearded hipsters.

Through Benthic Pictures, Lex will grow from a low-budget independent filmmaker (< $500k) to a not-so-low-budget filmmaker (< $25m), specializing in smart, durable entertainment in the thriller and action genres. Every Benthic Pictures film will build on this foundation: an inventive and passionate script.

Over the next three years, Lex will direct a number of self-penned short films, in approach to her feature debut as writer-director in 2023-2025.

Benthic Pictures is owned and operated by Lexia Snowe Arts Ltd  , the international writing and digital arts company through which Lex supplies her creative services.

Behind The Scenes

Shoots with: Canon EOS 70D; GoPro (+ all manner of mounts)

Edits with: Final Cut Pro X; iMovie in desperate times

Related skills: Still photography; piano composition; electronic music composition; acting; company management (for co-production); marketing and design

Influences and Inspirations

Screenwriting heroes: Walter Hill; Tony Gilroy; Brian Helgeland; Mark Boal; Alex Gansa (TV); Michelle King and Robert King (TV); Michaela Coel (TV)

Directing heroes: Michael Mann; Steven Soderbergh; Kathryn Bigelow; David Lynch; the Coen brothers; Celine Sciamma

Pivotal movies: Mulholland Drive; Drive; Sunset Boulevard; No Country For Old Men; Ordinary People; Aliens; The Warriors; Memento; Das Leben der Anderen (The Lives of Others)

Other websites

Lexia Snowe Screenwriting: 

Lexia Snowe Photography: 

Social media: Sorry... I'd love to connect with you, but I avoid social media in order to make the most of my creative, learning and—oh yeah—living time! #nosnub #makeIRLgreatagain