Lexia Snowe has worked professionally as a landscape and street photographer (brief portfolio page here ), and continues to enlarge her skills as a still photographer through passion projects undertaken in her spare time. Check out her photography projects below.

Footloose in Paris

2020 · Photo Journal · France

Status: Completed

For ten days in August 2020, Lex Snowe prowled Paris with her camera. Online journal Footloose In Paris  comprises over 50 of her best shots, together with a number of special features, including Lex's long-form photojournalism piece on "Collages F√©minicides Paris" , a bold graffiti campaign condemning domestic abuse in France.

Empire Of The Footloose

2009-ongoing · Photo book and website · USA

Status: Ongoing

For nearly a decade, Lexia Snowe has walked around Los Angeles with her camera, determined to capture the soul of her favorite city from the underdog position of a pedestrian. Lex continues to "photo walk" around each of LA's myriad neighborhoods, and now has hundreds of images attesting to the visual rewards of walking where others fear to tread. The future website of this project will enable visitors to order prints and assemble personalized photo books of their favorite shots. Target date for launch: 2020-2022.