In 2019-2022, Lexia Snowe will shoot a number of self-penned short films, building up her skills and network in approach to her feature-film debut as writer-director. Check out her short films below.

Jon (working title)

2016-2019 · 8 mins · Action/quest · USA/UK

Status: post-production

A hardscrabble girl mourning her brother searches the streets of L.A. for his bicycle. In the course of her quest, she forms an unexpected passion for cycling, and ultimately becomes an L.A. cyclist herself. Written and directed by Lexia Snowe. Lex also stars as the girl, performing all the cycling (and running/bicycle stunts, phew) herself. In post-production through summer 2020. See a gallery of stills from the film-in-progress →


2020 · 9 mins · Crime/suspense · USA/UK

Status: Pre-Production

A young couple meet at an L.A. diner late at night, after a simple robbery has gone terribly wrong. Written and directed by Lexia Snowe. Principal photography in fall 2020 TBD 2020*. (*Owing to Covid-19 delay)

Midnight Oil

2020 · 15 mins · Action/comedy · USA/UK

Status: In Development

A cubicle rat uncovers insider information that could make his fortune. But first he must outwit his supervisor and escape the office with his life. Written and directed by Lexia Snowe. Principal photography in winter 2020 TBD 2021*. (*Owing to Covid-19 delay)